About Us

for a healthy planet

Trees for climate and prosperity

We offer investment solutions that create value from the sustainable management of forests and reducing carbon emissions.

Green Trees Planet Ltd. is a UK-registered company founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs and professional managers.
We focus on reforestation projects across the world which meet the requirements of Gold Standard or Verra and are eligible to produce Carbon Credits.

To ensure transparency and accountability, we collaborate with global environmental organizations and reputable forestry operators. This partnership allows everyone to invest in planting and preserving trees within fully verified, audited, and certified carbon offset projects.

With Green Trees Planet, businesses and individuals can make a profit by contributing to the improvement of the environmental situation worldwide.

Nature-based solutions

Investing in forests and land across the planet for a climate-positive and nature-positive future

Shared prosperity

Contributing to sustainable local communities, while creating value for investors / NFT holders

Transparent and secure

Using blockchain to ensure the transparency and security of all transactions and data

Evolving market

The carbon offset market is expected to grow to $100B in 2030 and around $250B by 2050

Why Green Trees Planet?

With the climate and biodiversity crisis threatening the Earth, it has never been more important to maintain our native ecosystems.

We launched Green Trees Planet to make it easy for you to contribute to the environment and benefit from reducing your carbon footprint.

We don’t just plant and preserve trees, our mission is to create diverse woodlands habitats. Our partnership with reputable forestry operators helps us ensure the highest possible benefits both for biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

Harry Afrikian, CEO


Our Team

Harry Afrikian


Ecologist, PR and Social Expert, Writer, Entrepreneur

Alex Khorokhorin


Serial Entrepreneur, Investment Banker, Biotech and Ecology Expert

Victor Jacobs


Serial Entrepreneur, Top Manager, Business Development Manager

Alex Egorov


Serial entrepreneur, Expert in Crypto, Blockchain and Fintech


100 ha of Eucalypt forest in Vichada, Colombia

Green Trees Planet offers an investment opportunity to join a forestation project in Los Laureles, Vichada region, Colombia. As a world-class nature-based solution, the project will significantly reduce carbon emissions, mitigate the environmental crisis, and allow investors to receive Carbon Credit benefits.

We have reached an Agreement with Bee Enterprise DMCC for the sublease of 100 ha of the Eucalypt forest planted in 2021. The project is certified by the Gold Standard, audited and verified by GFA, and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals 11, 13 and 15.

According to the Agreement, Green Trees Planet is authorized to receive 5,700 Carbon Credits per year, which will bring approximately 30%+ ROI to investors (NFT holders).