Eucalypt forest in Colombia

Green Trees Planet offers an investment opportunity to join a forestation project in Vichada region, Colombia. As a world-class nature-based solution, it will significantly reduce carbon emissions, mitigate the climate crisis, and allow investors to receive Carbon Credit benefits for up to 30 years.

We have reached an Agreement with Bee Enterprise DMCC for the sublease of 100 Ha of the two-year-old Eucalypt forest in Los Laureles. The project is certified by the Gold Standard.

According to the Agreement, Green Trees Planet is authorized to receive 5,700 Carbon Credits per year, which will bring approximately 30%+ ROI to investors (NFT holders).

The objective is to develop a high-quality hardwood forest while stabilizing and restoring fragile and degraded areas. In addition to carbon sequestration through reforestation, the project provides social and environmental benefits to the area and local communities.

Gold Standard

Verified, audited, and certified as Gold Standard Voluntary Emissions Reduction (GSVER)

120k trees planted

The species that perfectly adapts to the area and is very efficient in terms of CO2 sequestration

5,700 CC per year

We’re entitled to receive 5,700 Carbon Credits per year, which gurantees 30% profit for investors

Scaling up to 10k Ha

The site for carbon offsetting could be enlarged up to 10,000 Ha with new forests to be planted

Strategic Partners

InverBosques is a forest management company that has developed the plan and established the plantation. Vichada reforestation project managed by InverBosques has been Gold Standard certified since 2016.

GFA is accredited for forest management certification according to the requirements of FSC and PEFC. The conformity of the management system is verified by GFA in a certification audit and by subsequent annual monitoring audits.

Forliance has been creating and managing nature-based climate projects since 1998. They have developed the Carbon Model for calculating carbon offsets produced by the project. Forliance will be delivering Carbon Credits to InverBosques.

Forestry Consulting Group is a leading Colombian advisory company specialized in the development of climate change mitigation projects. FCG carries out the forest inventory of the Vichada reforestation project plantations.

Gold Standard for the Global Goals is a standard that sets requirements to design projects for maximum positive impact on climate and development – and to measure and report outcomes in the most credible and efficient way.

Vichada Climate Reforestation project

Situated nearby the Colombia–Venezuela border, Los Laureles is a part of the Vichada Climate Reforestation project. This area was previously a savannah and lacked investment due to its marginal, hard-to-reach location.

The Solution
The project combines both reforestation and afforestation activities with biodiversity protection and ecosystem regeneration, ultimately transforming degraded savannah lands into close-to-nature forests that both produce high quality hardwoods and sequester large amounts of carbon. These forests offer a natural habitat for native wildlife, enrich the soil, save and filter water and help mitigate the greenhouse effect by acting as a carbon sink.

The Impact
The Vichada Climate Reforestation project generates a range of significant environmental and socio-economic benefits. By mixing afforestation and reforestation activities, the project conserves remaining forests and promotes ecosystem interconnectivity by establishing ecological corridors. This improves biodiversity, and protects natural resources, with trees shielding the soil from erosion to prevent flooding and optimise water quality.

The Vichada Climate Reforestation project is certified by the Gold Standard and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals 11, 13 and 15.

SDG 11

Sustainable cities and communities

The project has created many full-time jobs and brought together existing communities.

SDG 13

Take urgent measures to fight climate change and its repercussions.

The project plants many trees and protects endangered areas, hence developing additional carbon sequestration. Forest conservation creates natural corridors and ensures the connectivity of regional natural ecosystems.

SDG 15

Preserve and restore terrestrial ecosystems, making sure to exploit them in a sustainable way, manage forests sustainably, combat desertification, halt and reverse the process of soil degradation and end the loss of biodiversity.

The creation of shelters for migratory and native animals and insects as a result of reforestation activities helps to preserve the adjacent ecosystems.

Los Laureles
Being a part of Vichada project, Los Laureles plantation is managed by InverBosques.
Bee Enterprise DMCC is the key developer who owns 1000 ha of Los Laureles land; the company has planted 400 ha of Eucalypt forest in 2021.

Why Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus trees are fast growing, evergreen, and photosynthesise (take in carbon) all year round. The species perfectly adapts to the area, soak up a lot of carbon quickly and continue to store large amounts throughout their lifetime.

This forest is certified and authorized to produce carbon offsets under the Gold Standard requirements. First Carbon Credits are to be issued in early 2024.

According to the Agreement with Bee Enterprise, Green Trees Planet subleases 100 ha of the forest for 10 years, and has the right to receive 5,700 Carbon Credits per year.

All operations, maintenance work, insurance, and other site-related activities will be managed by Developer and executed by professional contractors.


Los Laureles NFT collection is on sale now!

Current price of Green Trees NFT is $5
30 NFTs are equal to 1 Carbon Credit
Holders receive CC benefits annually
CC benefits are paid for up to 30 years