Green Trees NFT

Los Laureles collection: 30 trees NFT

Blockchain: Polygon
Token standard: ERC-1155
Contract address: 0xd1…a3ef
Total supply: 3,333
Price per NFT: 150 USD

This NFT:

  • confirms your contribution to the Vichada Climate Reforestation Project,
  • represents 30 Eucalyptus trees planted in 2021,
  • entitles the holder to annual Carbon Credit benefits for up to 30 years,
  • can be sold in the secondary markets.

Being a part of the Vichada Reforestation Project, this Eucalypt forest in Los Laureles is certified to generate high-quality Carbon Credits under the Gold Standard requirements.

Also available in the OpenSea marketplace: Buy for crypto

Los Laureles carbon offset project

High-quality CC

Los Laureles project key developer planted 400 ha of Eucalypt forest in 2021.
Green Trees Planet has subleased 100 ha of this forest for 10 years, and  is entitled to receive 5,700 carbon credits per year.

Gold Standard

The Los Laureles forest is a part of the Vichada Climate Reforestation project that is certified by the Gold Standard and contributes to the SDG 11, 13 and 15. The project is audited, verified and monitored by GFA.


The forest has 120k trees.
Each Green Trees NFT represents one real-world Eucalyptus tree, the amount of CO2 sequestered by this tree, and the right to claim the corresponding Carbon Credit benefits annually.

Easy access

All NFTs are available both for corporate and individual investors. By purchasing NFT, you contribute to the environment and get an income generating asset with exposure to the rapidly evolving market.

High returns

The holders of Green Trees NFTs are able to collect Carbon Credit benefits for up to 30 years. With the cost of carbon removal growing up, your NFT will be a lucrative asset for decades ahead.